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Monday, July 28, 2014

New DVDs out July 29th! Click on the title to place your reserve.

"The Amazing Catfish" - from Mexico - Claudia enters a hospital for appendicitis and comes out part of a bustling family - multi-prize winner at various international film festivals.

"Children Without a Shadow" - documentary - Shaul Harel was four years old in Belgium at the time of the Holocaust - how he survived to become a scholar in adult life is an incredible story of kindness by both Jews and Christians

"Noah" - Russell Crowe plays the son of Methuselah (Anthony Hopkins) who receives a divine call to save the best of creation while the rest of Earth gets the ultimate cleansing - also starring Jennifer Connelly, Emma Watson ("Harry Potter" series) and Nick Nolte

"The Other Woman" - actually, each of a trio of fabulous females has TWO other women in their lives - they have now formed a bond and heaven help the man who cheated them all! - stars Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann ("This is 40") and Kate Upton ("The Three Stooges")

"Prisoners of War: Season One" - from Israel - soldiers Nimrode, Uria and Amiel have returned home from captivity after 17 years - yet something in their stories of capture and torture doesn't make sense (Note: This series was said to be among the chief insprirations for the Showtime hit "Homeland")

"Rise of the Planet of the Apes" - a chimpanzee named Caesar is given a drug that bestows human intelligence - and that is how a revolution started! - all-star cast including James  Franco, Andy Serkis ("The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey"), Frieda Pinto ("Trishna) and John Lithgow